Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Thoughts

Every time i feel down the feeling takes me away into negativity thinking i would never do it, i would never achieve all the things i wanted to accomplish in life but then comes the realization that nothing can stop me... So what i will be old, alone and maybe bored?
I think to myself that someday i will be sitting on the top of a mountain enjoying the nice summer breeze while thinking about all the places I've been and all the people i knew, friends that are not friends anymore, lovers that are now people i used to know, opportunities i never took and opportunities i took but regretted later on. 
It's all the same and it all leads to the same eventuality.. We will all end up buried without any of our possessions. What will matter then would be memories, these memories which build our lives whether they are good or bad.
We should just realize that we should always accept our lives the way they are. We should free ourselves from consumerism, hate and negativity because even the bad experiences would be a story, a memory in the movie of our life.
Nothing lasts forever. NOTHING
Wealth, beauty, love, principles or any other thing
Be happy, learn to forgive and forget.