Monday, June 30, 2014

What People Are Saying About Motrola's Moto X on Twitter

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I always said that the best Android phones in the market were Motorola phones (sorry Samsung fans). Motorola's hardware has been superior in each and every phone they produced and that's even before Google acquired Motorola.

I was lucky enough to use some of these phones over the time starting with the Motorola Defy, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Atrix HD and currently the powerful amazing budget phone Motorola Moto G.

I have a great interest in Motorola's Moto X however I don't think I'm done with the Moto G yet to upgrade but I wanted to read what people are saying about the Moto X and the Moto G on twitter to get the general idea whether people like them or not and here's what I found.

Now with all that positive feedback you should go ahead and buy yourself one of the 3 awesome Motorola phones: Moto X, Moto G, Moto E 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

My struggle with phone batteries

I recently bought a Motorola Atrix HD which I thought was a very good phone at least it was when it first came out, the problem I had with the Atrix HD was the battery life that lasted 10 hours on average which put me in so many bad situations.

I considered doing the Razr Maxx battery mod to improve battery life however with the phone being almost new I didn't want to tinker with it so I returned it after trying it for a week.

When I went out to buy a new phone I decided to go with the Motorola Moto G (Motorola phones are the best) after 4 days of using the Moto G I have to say that the battery life is amazing. Today for example after using the phone for 16 hours I still have 30% juice left in my battery which is good but now I have a different problem with finding the right battery recharging schedule.

When I come home from work and I'm ready to sleep I still have 30% or more left on my batter and because I don't wanna plug it in while it has some juice left to try to prolong the battery health (especially with these new built in batteries....damn you apple) I don't plug in and in the morning i'm left with only 25% which is not enough to keep me going the whole day.

I know that battery topping up is not that harmful to Li-ion batteries but this is still controversial and I don't wanna take the risk because I like the phone.

I'm still looking for a phone with a battery that will last more than a day or 2.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Consumerism & Capitalism in the USA is Enslaving us

Since I arrived in the USA I've been thinking about how people live their lives here, when immigrants arrive here they assume they are arriving in the land of opportunities where they will be able to live "the American dream" little do they know that this so called dream is no longer a dream but more like a nightmare.

The ideas we get from movies and media in general is so fake, people driving 15 cars and spending their summers barbecuing in their summer houses on the beach is so not real. In fact I have never ever seen that many homeless in any other country but the US.

Yes, you are right about industrialization in the country but this is only because of consumerism which is encouraged here in the US more than anywhere else in the world. People are tempted to buy useless products that they will never need and tempted to upgrade any product they have to the newest model although the differences between the newer and the older model are usually not that different.

This leads to what I call "the vicious circle of life" in which you work all the time, 60-70 hours a week in 2 different jobs to be able to afford mortgage and installments of the aforementioned products you don't need because in reality you don't actually have the time to use them since you are working most of the time. and so it becomes instead of working to live you live to work. All your entire life you work wasting the best years of your youth until you retire (you retire not because they want you to enjoy what remains in your life but because you became useless to the work environment) and with your pension you can't afford your bills that accumulated during your working life.

I always think about what I will tell my grandchildren when i'm on my deathbed and I figured that if I live that kinda life I will tell them that I worked all my life and wasted all my good years on a promise to live comfortably when I retire but in the end when I retired I was poor and I had to work a part-time job to afford breathing then I died poor.
Is that the kind of life you wanna live? I guess not.

Now we go back to the case of the homeless, out of my observations and talks with a lot of homeless (I don't try to avoid them as many do) I discovered that these are the people who are the sanest in this country, they refused to live according to what was planned for them and they said no to working all their lives and dying without doing nothing or even enjoying some useless products they didn't really need, and because they didn't play by the rules they are now homeless.

What I also noticed is that these people are the happiest people here, they live their lives without having anything to do and they just enjoy it talking to people (not through iphones and whatsapp) they walk and ride their bikes everywhere and they are free to move around to any city they want because they don't have any kind of commitment to a house they own.

I'm not telling you to leave your boring corporate desk job and to be homeless but what I'm saying is that we should think before we buy something, we should think before using our credit cards because if we don't then we will be stuck in jobs we hate but can't quit just so we can pay credit card bills for products and services we bought but never used.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How turn your laptop into a cell phone replacement

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In my last post I explained how I survived a day without my phone and I think I mentioned how much I felt relaxed and worry-free or did I? :)
Anyway I also discovered that I missed some really important calls, texts and whatsapp messages, being the creative tech-savvy person I am, I had to figure out a way to continue receiving my calls, texts and whatsapp messages.

To continue receiving my phone calls I remembered that my carrier (cricket wireless) allows unconditional call forward free of charge which I have been using anyway to receive my voicemails through Google Voice because let's face it: Google is the best....and because I got all my voicemails in my e-mail readily transcribed so I didn't have to actually listen to them.
So I got cricket to unconditionally forward all my phone calls to my Google voice number, In that way I would receive all my phone calls in my Gmail, all what I had to do is just keep my Gmail in a tab open all the time and voila I got all my calls on my laptop without paying an extra cent.

This was the biggest problem because up until now I couldn't find a way to forward my texts, sure there are so many services that you can use to read and respond to your text messages from a PC but all of them require you to have your SIM card up and running in a phone.
however Google voice proved helpful when I needed to send texts from my laptop, the only downfall is that these texts would send from my Google voice number and not from my cricket wireless number.

This one was a bit tough but I got it to work, by setting up virtualbox on my laptop and running android in a virtual environment I finally had a working android system in a window on my PC by following howtogeek's guide.
the next obstacle on my way was that I couldn't install whatsapp from the play store because it wasn't designed to work on tablet environment that doesn't have a SIM card (stupid, i know) and to solve that I had to go to Whatsapp's website on the virtual machine and download the APK from there then install it. 
after that I just had to register with my phone number which I did but whatsapp uses a text message to verify your number which didn't work out in my case because I didn't have access to my texts (refer to the last paragraph and you'll know why)
after waiting for the verification text for about 5 minutes, Whatsapp allowed me to request a call to verify my number and when it did call me I received the call on my Gmail and got the verification code and in less than a minute whatsapp was up and running.

Of course with the laptop you don't get the mobility of a cell phone but it proves capable to save your day when you are in a situation like mine.

Life without a phone is much more interesting, here's why

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Yesterday I sold my phone since I got an irresistible offer, after using it for 3 months I got an offer to sell it for 3 times the price I paid for it.
As you can expect I said no because I loved my phone lol but that was for only 5 minutes, on a second thought I decided to take advantage of the offer and sell it.
Selling my phone meant that I will be stuck for 4 days at least without a phone until I receive the other one I ordered online and for people who know me that meant I will be in a bad mood for 4 days.
Even my girlfriend used to be jealous of my relationship with my phone.
The first day passed and I discovered that it was one of my most productive days ever. I finally got to write a couple of posts on my blog, I got to continue writing my book (surprise surprise) and I got to go for a walk outside and sit outdoors not worrying about my emails, text messages and whatsapp....believe it or not I was actually solely concerned with the birds and nature around me.
And since I couldn't keep up with my virtual friends I decided to bug the people around (because they were all on their phones) and talk to them like our grandparents used to do.

Also I got to appreciate how amazing it is to be able to hide from all the constant contact from people who can ruin your day with bad news all the time.

As much as I like it the way it is now having no phone with me all the time, I can't seem to hide my excitement for getting my new phone and it's not far fetched if the delivery wasn't on time that there will be someone on the phone who would be dealing with a very very angry customer.

I agree that we need to disconnect every now and then but technology is a very important part of our lives these days....I will prove it for you by using some keywords:
GPS - yes you'd be lost
Yelp - you'll not find that amazing bar you've been looking for
Flipboard - are you telling me you'll buy the newspaper?

Moderation is the key and that's not only with technology but in every aspect of life.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

USA - East to West Then Back Again

Florida California east wes travel USA
It's been 4 months since I set foot in the glorious United states of America, landed first in Dallas, Texas then took a bus heading to Houston, Texas followed by a flight from Houston to Orlando, Florida where I thought I would stay.
After 3 weeks in Florida I decided it's not for me being so spread out with huge distances between everything, lots of space and green but it was empty, it felt kinda boring and slow which didn't fit my personality (keeping in mind I grew up in Cairo with all it's craziness)

I moved to California in March and the first thing I noticed is how dirty California is compared to Florida. One single trip to Downtown Los Angeles and you discover that the name "The city of Angels" is definitely a compliment compared to the true name which I proposed "The city of Homeless" however I liked the spirit and the mess in Los Angeles, it kinda reminded me of Cairo especially areas like MacArthur park where you find food carts in the street selling hot dogs and tamales.

What I noticed next was how the landscape and the climate are different from Florida with California and its mountainous nature you can experience any kind of weather you can think of, climb up to the mountains and it will be freezing cold, drive down to the beach and it will be an awesome summer day which is so different from plain Florida with all its water surfaces and very high humidity.

One thing that took me by surprise everywhere I've been in the US is public transit, If i had to choose I would definitely side with Los Angeles and it's metro system but still you can't compare transportation here in the US with any other country because here it is definitely lacking.
In Egypt public transit is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in abundance but it's so chaotic and messy, China on the other hand was perfect with a public transit system that is just enough (maybe overcrowded sometimes especially in bigger cities) but also it was very organized. Here in the US it's not available and not really organized.

Things didn't work out for me in California so I decided to move back to Florida and try to explore as much as I can, maybe having the space and the nature will help me focus more on what I want to do in life, also I decided that I wanna give Florida the chance after all 3 weeks is never enough.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost Free Network Unlock for Alcatel One Touch Fierce from Metropcs

unlock, metropcs, Sim, Carrier, network, Alcatel
Again I decided to move carriers going back to AIO Wireless which is called Cricket Wireless at the moment, mainly because the 4G LTE speeds on Metropcs wasn't good enough.

Anyway because I bought the phone from Metropcs I couldn't use it with my Cricket SIM card because it was locked to Metropcs and couldn't be carrier unlocked except after 3 months.

With a fast search on Ebay I found a good yet affordable service to unlock my phone on the following link by fonecare_codes:

I made the purchase and within 24 hours as promised on the listing my Alcatel was unlocked and operating a Cricket SIM card.


To Quit or Not to Quit Your Job?

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Here I am admitting finally that I don't like working, I hate it....and I don't just mean I hate working like other people do. No, it's more than that....I don't ever wanna work I just wanna travel, hangout and live my life free of the capitalistic monetary system.
A couple of days ago I decided to quit my job because I just didn't like it. It was boring, soul-sucking and unbearable. It was just like any other job I worked before.
I was always blaming myself for ruining any job opportunity I have and that kinda got me to feel like a loser or a quitter but not anymore.
I discovered there are a lot of people like me who don't wanna work (not only hippies) but there are millions of people like us, people who get it. They know that they were not created or found in nature (According to your beliefs) just to work all their lives to work boring jobs indoors to save money which will be taken from you the day you receive it to pay off your debts. 
They know that they can't get into that kind of vicious circle of working to live, living to work.
But then again if I don't work then how can I support myself, what about rent? food? transportation? and all the crazy shit we buy although we know we'll never use.
It's a hard equation to solve but if you balance it I'm 100% sure you'll be happy.