Monday, September 22, 2014

The Secret To Have Everything You Want In Life

I know you heard this advice many times before, your outlook on life decides you actions and your actions define what you experience in life.
If you feel lonely you'll act lonely which in turn would be boring to other people and that makes you more lonely.
If you have negative thoughts and expect crises to happen they are more likely to happen because you Act according to the thoughts and the actions you take will influence the reactions you receive back from the world.
On the other hand, if you feel lonely but try your best and you know deep inside that you won't be in the future, you'll go out in the world and show your best side which people will love and then you get friends.
When I read the book "the secret" I thought it was full of bullshit, yeah i liked the idea but I didn't believe there are real forces that you send out to the universe and a response comes back from the universe.

Now I realize the meaning, I understand that the force described in the book is your attitude and the force that the universe responds with is actually the reactions you get to that specific attitude you displayed.
It's easy to forget this theory or even easier to convince yourself you're applying it while you aren't.
In the last 2 days I experienced how having a positive outlook on life can actually change your life.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The History of The First Stoner

Today, I thought about the first person who tried smoking pot.... I imagine him as a native American in a tribe exploring some part of the tropical world.

While walking he stumbles upon this beautiful plant and he decides to take it back and grow it
After months pass the plant grew big but it had this particular scent that we are all familiar with 
He decides to get rid of it and burns it 
While burning it he inhales THC and discovers smoking pot.

Of course this is not the true story but its a figment of my imagination but what I'm really sure of is that whoever was the first person who tried it he got so stoned and tripped so bad he got scared to death.

This is just my theory that i can't prove but man the whole point of the theory is to say that i'm willing to give up half of my life to experience what this person experienced.