Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Switch From Android To Iphone And The Switch Back

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A week ago I realized that as much as I love my Motorola Moto G, it was still getting a bit sluggish.
I noticed that when I was in my car playing music through Spotify, I got lost and decided to use Google maps and that's when my Moto G decided it can't handle and it killed Spotify to handle Google maps.

I started taking a look in the market and with so many options available I got confused and came to the conclusion that it's time to try something different, it was the time to give Iphones a shot. 
For those who know me, I have been an Android enthusiast since Android 1.5 and my hate for Iphones started with the first Iphone ever, at that point I used to say that my HTC Kjam running windows mobile was much smarter than an Iphone.

I didn't want to invest a ton of money in an experiment that I knew beforehand wouldn't continue for a long time so I went out and got an Iphone 4S 32 GB from craigslist and decided that if I like it I would then go and buy an Iphone 6.
I updated the Iphone 4S to IOS 8.1.3

After one week of usage I present to you the results of my experiment.

Here's what I liked about my Iphone:

1- Siri is much more smarter than Google now or any other voice assistant on Android.
2- Even though the iphone 4S is a few generations back, it's still receiving updates from Apple, unlike my Moto G which I have been waiting for a lollipop update since I got it.
3- The switch from Android to Iphone wasn't so hard, synching contacts from Google contacts to Iphone wasn't so hard.

Here's what I hated about My Iphone:

1- No delivery reports for text messages, a feature that is available in the Nokia 3210 I owned 10 years ago 
2- Sharing options are not integrated in all the apps, for example I wanted to share a page from safari to whatsapp, I was surprised there's no way to do it on an Iphone except the old fashioned copy and paste
3- I missed widgets so much, even though Iphones now have widgets in the notification area but it supports very few of my apps (Mint widget for example is not available on Iphones)
4- The notification drawer on Iphones was definitely inspired by Android, however it sucks.
it looks like a cheap Chinese copy of a premium product
4- Dropbox doesn't synchronize camera photos until opened, it doesn't run in the background like in Androids 
5- Trying to change my ringtones took my more than 30 minutes of reading online guides on how to cut my files on Itunes and how to set up the ringtone on Itunes.
6- Itunes itself is a stupid idea, even though Iphones now run more or less independently from Itunes, they still depend on it for a lot of features which is stupid
7- Most of the apps I'm used to on Android are paid apps on Iphone which explains why people spend more money buying apps from the appstore than Google play store.
8- Tasker is not available for Iphone and never will be 

And sure as I expected after one week I decided to go back to Android. 
I settled on the Motorola Moto X and sold my Iphone.


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