Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Motorcycle Helmet That Uses Google Glass

This past year, Skully helmets introduced their innovative AR-1 Helmet. While many people would not give a motorcycle helmet a second glance, you might want to look a little closer at this one…
The Skully AR-1’s main features:
            -Rear Facing Camera
            -Google glass style screen in your field of view
            -Proprietary turn-by-turn navigation.

Motorbike helmet google glass riding
The most thrilling feature undoubtedly is the rear facing camera with Google glass style screen. This allows the rider to have a 360-degree field of vision while riding. This will greatly increase the rider’s awareness, and provide them with an incredibly simple way to see everything going on around them.
Skully has hid many of their ugly “tech stuff” in the rear spoiler of the helmet. This adds a bit of flare, without making it painfully obvious that underneath that spoiler there are wires and circuit boards.

Motorbike helmet google glass riding

The Cube:
The cube is what makes this helmet truly unique. It moves forward and backward, and swivels so that you can adjust it for a customized viewing angle. The actual size of the screen is smaller than what you see in the video, according to Skully, they just presented it that way to give future users a glimpse of its capabilities.

Motorbike helmet google glass riding

The Face Shield:
This is easily the second most notable feature that Skully threw into this helmet. Many motorcycle riders struggle with whether or not they should use a tinted visor for riding in the sun, or a clear visor in case they get caught riding at night. Many motorcycle riders are forced to carry around two face shields to combat this issue. Skully has given them a better solution. The face shield on the AR-1 uses electro chromatic liquid crystal technology, dubbed “e-tint” which has only just recently been put to commercial use. Essentially what it does is allow the rider to switch from a clear face shield, to an smoke shield at the push of a button utilizing liquid crystals.
While this helmet is out of the realm of possibility for most riders, coming in at a steep $1299, it provides a glimmer of hope that helmets of the future will provide more than just protection in the event of a collision,; but actually have preventative measures included in the design to keep riders safe.
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