Thursday, July 30, 2015

Winbook TW802 Review: A Budget Windows Tablet Done Right

I’ve been with Android since Android 1.5 and was always a big fan of how I had endless possibilities when it comes to Android, Android made the tinkerer in me happy.
Recently my Nook HD with Cyanogenmod started struggling with all the new apps installed on it and I knew it was time for me to move on so I tried replacing it with a Google Nexus 7 but that didn’t go too well.
I had this misconception that Windows tablets were more than I can afford and that they will not be as useful as an Android tablet, subsequently I didn’t follow up on news about new Windows tablets until I stumbled upon some posts on reddit talking about Windows tablets and that’s when I started my research.
As always when trying new technology I go with the cheapest option I can find in order to test it out
and to see if the software would be suitable for my needs or not. At the same time I had some features that I was expecting.
My research lead me to Microcenter’s Winbook TW802 The Winbook TW802 is a feature full tablet running the latest Windows 8.1 and comes with a free full year subscription to Microsoft Office 365.
With the price tag of $100 and $5 for shipping I couldn’t resist and went ahead and got it, I’ve been using the tablet for about 2 weeks now and here’s what I like and hate about the tablet:


1- HD IPS LCD 8″ 1280×800 Display: 1280×800 squeezed into a small 8″ screen is sharp and clear, with the price tag I was expecting a cheap screen but I was wrong.
2- Full sized USB port: it’s not like a USB C port and it only supports USB 2.0 but this is one of the features I wasn’t going to do without on a Windows operating system, talk about endless possibilities this is the best it can get connecting a mouse, keyboard, external HDD you name it.
3- Micro HDMI port: I didn’t think I needed it until I got the tablet and connected it to my TV
4- Battery life is very decent, connected to a lot of peripherals my Tablet can last for more than 3 days
5- Micro SD card slot: more portable storage, although 32 GB internal storage is more than I needed for a tablet since I run most of my media from my Plex server.
6- Front and back Cameras are good enough for a tablet, the front camera is better than the front camera of my Moto x 1st gen.
1- 8″ screen is not the best with a Windows tablet, some tasks are not very finger-friendly, not even stylus friendly. Something like hitting the close (X) button on the screen is part of mission impossible, it would’ve been much better if it was a 10″ screen but for a budget tablet I’m more than satisfied with 8″.
2- The Winbook TW802 is not so popular which means you’ll have to spend $30 to buy a case for a budget tablet which is worth $100 or you can just buy a universal case that won’t fit perfectly (which is the option I chose)
3- The micro USB charging cord that comes with the tablet is very short but then again there are plenty of cords you can buy for practically nothing.

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