Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here's Why I Abandoned My Nexus 7 For A Nook HD

 Nook HD, Nook, Nexus 7, Google, Android, Barnes and noble, Nexus in dash, in dash car

I've owned a Nook HD tablet for some time now and couldn't be happier running cyanogemod. I even wrote a guide on how to install cyanogemod on the Nook HD. 

A few days ago I bought a Nexus 7 2012 to replace my Nook mainly because I wanted to install it in my car as an in dash entertainment system and I needed a tablet that features GPS (which the Nook HD lacks) 

If I were a normal user who didn't have a Nook HD i would have been very happy with my purchase but because I'm not, I was unsatisfied with the overall performance of the tablet. 

Here are the points where the Nook HD excels over Nexus 7:

  1.  Even though the Nexus 7 has a stronger processor (quad core compared to the dual core on the Nook HD), the Nook certainly performs much better and is smoother, I'm not talking about quadrant score or numbers I'm talking about the user experience.
  2. My Nook has a memory card slot. 
  3. Nook HD features a much better screen resolution @ 243 PPI VS. the Nexus 7 2012 @ 216 PPI.

There is also a lot of stuff that annoy me in the Nook HD:

  1. No micro USB port makes it hard to connect it with OTG or different chargers
  2. No GPS
  3. No Cameras
  Nook HD, Nook, Nexus 7, Google, Android, Barnes and noble, Nexus in dash, in dash car
After using the nexus 7 for a few days I decided I don't like it, especially after upgrading to Lollipop the tablet became so sluggish as reported by a lot of users and lost any advantage it had over my lovely Nook HD. 

I know that both of these tablets are old, but I don't see a point in spending more money on a new tablet when I can get a Nook HD that matches the performance for only $60.